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Machine learning use case discovery

Finding how to applying machine learning technologies in your business can be a daunting task. It takes both business and technical skills to discover the hidden opportunities, scope projects, and measure ROI.

Our machine learning skills and management consulting expertise honed at BCG and Deloitte can help you get there.

Our typical process starts with understanding your business objectives, revenue model, and competitive landscape. Then we work tirelessly to learn the internal process and map the user journey to identify potential use cases.

Next, we evaluate each use case and scope associated projects; We calculate the potential ROI and the impact on your business of the projects to prioritize them.

Finally, we present you a list of potential machine learning projects and the associated investment as well as ROI to help you unlock your data's immense potential.

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End-to-end machine learning solution development

Understand business goals and evaluate opportunities.
Analyze existing data and tie the data back to the business goals.
Define the project scope and an agile work-plan.
Develop machine learning models, test results, collect feedback, and repeat.
Integrate the machine learning models into your existing infrastructure and scale it.
Measure ROIs and celebrate the positive impact on your business.

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Data Reconciliation

Having consolidated data is crucial to gaining customer intelligence, accurate forecasting, and offering cohesive customer experience.

However, for most organizations, it is a challenging endeavor to map out the data points, establish proper data governance protocols, and implement a data warehouse that connects the dots.

Our expertise in management consulting and big data are certainly here to alleviate your pain and reduce your risk. Our process starts with business objectives and mapping out data points across your organizations such as sales, marketing, product, and customer success.

With the business objectives in mind, We design an actionable, measurable plan that guides our experienced team to extract, transform, and load data into a single warehouse. We continuously work with your team to evaluate the progress, control quality, reduce risks, and implement feedback.

Once the reconciliation is complete, we can create meaningful BI dashboards and accurate machine learning models.

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Prototype data-driven ideas

Prototyping is critical to teams that are inflicting or facing a strategic inflection point. It reveals hidden issues and opportunities before the production deployment.

We make it easy to scale robust machine learning solutions and test early concepts. Our engineers and project managers build rapid prototypes that fully meet your unique demand. We work endlessly to help you test new ideas, new markets, and eventually move forward with your innovation.

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